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Cheryl CrowleyNative to Sonoma County in Northern California…

My lifelong passion for animals, art and the natural world led me to obtain my Bachelor of Arts in Biology at Sonoma State University in 2007. To fulfill my passion for art I received my certificate in Science Illustration from the University of California Santa Cruz Extension in 2009. Before graduating I completed my internship in the marketing department with the San Diego Zoo where I worked on several projects.

Starting in 2002 Safari West, a wildlife preserve North of San Francisco, employed me to produce various art projects such as animal portraits, signs, a map as well as email newsletters blast, website content development, and social media updates. While working at Safari West I illustrated a published children’s book, The Adventures of Webb Ellis, Return of the Protectors for the author Milton Rieback. Currently I’ve been taking classes at the Santa Rosa Junior College to continue to learn the tools of the trade.

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